Born in Southern Missouri in 2140, Jet Brody has spent much of his life as a orphan. All that changes when he meets Colonel Roy Lawrence of the Atlantic Alliance. Seeing a boy with no family but unlimited sexual potental, Lawrence adopts Jet and brings him to Washington DC. There, Jet studies hard and graduates at the top of class, (magna cum loud) later enrolling in the military. When the call of war against General Nathan Sheridan and the Pacifican States is announced, Jet is eager to lend his body to whoever so pleases. Exploits during the Atlantic/Pacific Civil War
Brody was the lone soldier to destroy the deadly Erebus Dreadnought. Prior to the Dreadnought's discovery, he had assisted in the main Atlantic campaigns, including the one to retrieve his lover, General Nathan Sheridan, from Alcatraz Prison.

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