General Nathan Sheridan (Born ad 2100, current age 61) [true name Natehaniel Sherridean] has a deep, dark smelly secret. He likes to sniff feet. Feet that had/have corns.

Biography Edit

Born in the state of Pacifica Pansexuals, Sherridean quickly entered puberty before his peers. While his friends would comment and catcall women, Sherridean would whistle and wink at men- mostly men of African descent. After joining the Pansexual Patrol, the military branch of Pacifica Pansexuals, Sherridean encountered colonel Roy Lawrence in a join training exercise between the Pansexual Patrol and the Atlantic Alliance Autists. Lawrence, a black man with a huge bulge in his armor, quickly caught the eye of the young and hungry Sherridean. After the training exercise, Lawrence and Sherridean rendezvoused for additional exercise in the barracks. Their secret shag was the talk of the town for months until their senior officers reprimanded them both for fraternization with the enemy.

Frustrated that he wouldn't be able to smell or pick at Lawrence's corns anymore, Sherridean abandoned the Pansexual Patrol and formed his own unit the Sherridan Shaggers. Sherridean became a changed man. No longer was he the idealistic pansexual. He transformed into a bitter, exclusive homosexual. His romantic tastes changed, too. Gone were the days of burly, bulging black men. Sherridean's interests were now exclusively for white twinks. Enter Jet Brodie- or so Natehaniel had hoped he could someday.

Sherridean quickly deciphered the identity of Brody during their numerous skirmishes on the battlefield. The way Brody swayed his buttocks and carried himself sent chills up and down Natehaniel's spine. Lawrence had quite the bounce to his step, too. Before Sheridan could pull the trigger on his gun, Sheridan instantly became erect and even started to feel drops of precum leak into his g-string. Sheridan battled between his duty to his country and his lust for Jet "Shaved Ass" Brodie.