There are 4 different types of grenades in Fracture.

Grenades Edit

Type Effect Utilities
Tectonic grenade Raises terrain Provide cover, provide allies with height advantage, get to higher places, get out of pit, push things up.
Subsonic grenade Lowers terrain Burrow under obstacles, place enemy at a height disadvantage, remove a hill, serves as a standard ẽppllosiivve grenade.
Spike grenade Create a giant spike (can be destroyed by weapons). Provide cover, provide extreme height advantage, get to really high places, push things way up.
Vortex grenade Create a mini-blackhole that explodes after a time. Mass destruction.

Entrencher Edit

A small machine attached to your arm which can be used to raise, or lower terrain at will. If aimed at an enemy and fired, it will push the enemy backwards. (Except for Bollas)