The game, Fracture, has recieved a mix of criticisim and sheer rage by a large part of the gaming community. WIth frame-rate issues along with pathetic naming of characters (i.e. JET BRODY) this hostility is not without reason. 

The Name GameEdit

Electronic Gaming Monthly described character Jet Brody as "perhaps the single most derivative character in the modern age of gaming, a direct combination of the heroes from Resistance/Mass Effect/Gears of War/Too Human. If the narrative weren't so staunchly heavy-handed, I'd put my money on Brody being a literal parody of shooter-genre character tropes." Game Informer continued this theme by ranking Brody first on its list of "the top 10 worst character names." Moving beyond the character's name, Game Informer notes that “Jet Brody is a detailed character, but ends up looking like an Unreal reject. Lastly, the unlockable reward of the "TDV1," was made as a final accomplishment that players could unlock at the end of the game. The TDV1 was rendered poorly with a impossibly usable physics engine that concequencely made driving the vehicle similar to pushing a toy car down an embankment of large boulders. With this being the final unlock in the game, the dissapointment and rage felt by players was enough in some cases to produce an onset of blindness with following spontanious combustion. 


Because this game is a blantant disregard for all things good and pleasing, a sence of poetic justice has been incubating in the gaming community. In the last year, many have come to the conclusion that obliteration of this "game", is the only choice in securing any sense of a bright future for humanitys offspring. Since then, large efforts to destroy the remaining copies of the game have taken place. Those copies that werent already broken by disgruntled gamer were largely burned. Some  larger attemps were made to destroy the game, namely President Obama's Government shutdown of NASA for the sole purpose of Mission Repentance (a space mission to jettison the remaining copies of Fracture into space or the heavens as a symbolic attempt to attone for the obovious disregard for all goodness that took place in the creation of the game.)